Moxa is an herb known as mugwort that is crushed into a cotton-like consistency and burns slowly like a coal. It is used to warm acupuncture points, create heat and energy movement in the body and can be used in several ways:
     Indirect Moxa - in a cigar shaped form, held over the skin
Direct - small rice-grain size or smaller burned directly on the skin to stimulate points
- small balls of moxa wrapped around the needle handle and burned to send heat through the needle

Glass, plastic, or traditionally bamboo cups are used to create suction on specific problem areas on the body. The suction removes blood-stagnation from tight or painful muscles by releasing "stuck" blood and pulling it to the surface. Even though the cups often leave a red circle or small bruise on the skin, the process is painless, relaxing and somewhat like a massage.

Gua Sha

This technique uses the edge of a Chinese soupspoon or something similar to scrape the skin. Oil is applied and the skin is scraped lightly and rapidly to release heat or tension under the skin. It is very good for tense muscles. In China it is popular to use on children at the first sign of a cold.

Electrical Stimulation
Low voltage electrical current of varying frequencies can be attached to needles at acupuncture points. Much like a TENS unit, it provides continuous stimulation to the needles during a treatment.

Ion Pumping Cords
A Japanese invention, a cord containing a diode is attached between two needles directing a flow of ions from one needle to another. Simple but very effective.

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