After years of suffering from an apparent nerve issue in my neck, I find myself symptom free. Resolved a few days after my appointment.

J. B-B.

My symptoms included swollen legs, sinus and urinary infections, neck and shoulder pain, and a general tired feeling. Acupuncture treatment goes beyond other therapies I've committed to, and I see it as being several different therapies all wrapped into one. The secret of it all is to find an acupuncturist like Martin, who has talent as well as years of experience.

Elinor P.

Your treatment changed my life! Had been struggling with bursitis for a year when I came to you for help. I had tried PT, meds and cortisone injections. Nothing provided relief. I was beginning to think I would never run again. You had me pain free and running again after 3 treatments. I went on to complete 3 marathons that year thanks to your help.

Kim. S.

I cannot remember why I initially came to Evergreen Acupuncture, but I have been getting acupuncture treatments for the last 17 years. Out of the three DOMs that I have received treatment from, Martin is, by far, the most skilled. I now receive acupuncture treatments for everything from sports injuries to daily buildup of stress. My experience at Evergreen Acupuncture is always pleasant and productive. The best hour of sleep I get is in any one of Martin’s calming treatment rooms. I have referred all of my clients seeking to try acupuncture or looking for a good acupuncturist to him and will continue to do so.

Rebecca A. Irons, MMT, CFT, CET

My back had hurt for over six weeks. I had gone the traditional route,
x rays, muscle relaxers, pain pills and stretches.
Nothing was working for me. After only two sessions with Martin my back
no longer hurt. I can now lift my grandchildren,
go back to the gym and walk my dogs.

Thanks, Martin.

I had been suffering with restless leg syndrome for about 5 years and the medicines had not been as effective for me so I searched out alternative resolutions and thought acupuncture was a good possibility and certainly worth a try. Evergreen Acupuncture was recommended to me by a friend and I am so glad I came to Evergreen. Martin is so professional and knowledgeable and is very insightful as to what can help not just my restless leg but he has also greatly improved my digestion system which I had also been suffering with for several years. I am a firm believer in acupuncture as a way of healing and improving my overall health and can not imagine doing without it as part of my health care.

Stephanie Sherwin
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"After a whiplash injury to my neck while scuba-diving I was in acute
pain, unable to turn my head for several days. My last resort was to
try acupuncture. During my first treatment with Martin, I received
immediate relief and was able to start moving my head and neck again.
Within 24 hours I had no pain at all. Now acupuncture is my FIRST