Traditional Chinese Medicine At Evergreen

Want an interesting topic for your next dinner party? Perhaps the holiday season is causing you great stress. Go to Evergreen Acupuncture and get treated with acupuncture and you are sure to get some interesting questions and comments. What was it like? Did it hurt? Did it help you? The popularity of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine is growing here in Central Arkansas as more and more people are finding out its effectiveness not only for pain but for a wide range of problems.
If you are in pain, why would you want to have a bunch of needles stuck in you? When most people hear the word acupuncture, they immediately think of getting a shot or some similar type of pain. Actually, most acupuncture treatments are completely painless and are very relaxing. Its effectiveness is evidenced by not only the fact that it has been used for a couple thousand years, but by the fact that a lot physicians are accepting it and modern research is being conducted proving it is effective for many problems. Sickness, no matter what the source, causes some part of us to fall out of balance. Acupuncture theory is based on the concept that there are energy pathways in the body associated with the internal organs, and small flexible, sterile, disposable needles are inserted into points along these pathways to balance the body. Patients can tell that it is working immediately as they experience a deep release from stress, experiencing what I have termed being “acu-stoned“, and tend to sleep much deeper after treatments. Treatment seeks to cure the underlying cause according to Chinese medical theory, and not just alleviate symptoms.
Acupuncture is just one part of Chinese medicine. Other parts of Chinese medicine include Chinese herbs, Chinese medical massage, tai chi (exercise), chi kung (energy work), moxabustion (adding heat to acupuncture points), cupping (light suction to release muscle tension and increase blood flow), and a list of modern techniques.
Used correctly, acupuncture can correct imbalance on many levels not only during times of injury or disease, but can help preserve balance and support existing health through the seasons. Its diagnosis systems are detailed and intricate developed over a history of thousands of years. It can help with many of today’s health problems, from all types of headaches, and muscle/skeletal pain to problems associated with the menstrual cycle, menopause, digestive problems, stress, depression, hypertension. It is natural and safe on its own or works well in connection with Western medicine, chiropractic or massage. It also is suitable for all ages. For instance, I have had patients ranging from 6 to 100 years old, and good results with patients with pain, migraines, constipation, peri-menopausal symptoms, sleep disorders, asthma, allergies, hypertension and ADD. At Evergreen Acupuncture, I focus on whole life health, many times finding simple things that patients can change to avoid a recurrence of the problem, such as stretching, diet changes, or simply relaxing for a few minutes a day. One of the main problems today is that people fail to acknowledge the effect stress has on our health. Taking five to fifteen minutes to just be aware of the rhythm of your breathing will go a long way to balance simple everyday stresses. (Try holding your breath for one minute and you will see how important breathing is, yet most people take it for granted.)
Most people associate acupuncture with treating some type of pain. If diagnosed and performed correctly, there can be immediate relief from pain in the first treatment. Each person is treated differently and the treatment may vary each time. The amount of treatments for any given problem will usually depend on the severity and length of the problem. Sometimes just a few treatments are needed, other times long term care is appropriate with chronic or autoimmune diseases. It generally does not hurt, but the sensation of a dull ache is sometimes experienced similar to pressing on a sore muscle. Once the needles are in, the patient lies comfortably for 30 minutes to an hour. In Arkansas sterile disposable needles are required by law and are never re-used, and it is practically without side effects.
Insurance coverage is dependant on the policy language. Usually in Arkansas it is not covered, but the costs can be paid out of a personal health savings account. Check with your insurer.
To be licensed as an acupuncturist in Arkansas, four years of training at a nationally accredited school and passing the national exams on both acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine are required. (Physicians and chiropractors are exempt from this requirement and can be certified with 100 hours of training). In addition to my education, I did a two year internship in Japanese style acupuncture and did almost a year of post-graduate training in China. For an interesting, relaxing, balancing experience, make an appointment at Evergreen Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine.